Building brand value with a direct to consumer (DTC) strategy

 In a post-pandemic world, brands are shifting their attention to selling directly to consumers more than ever. But this begs the question – how do you do this at scale?

How can ecommerce sellers get as close to customers as possible without drowning in costs, complicated logistics and numerous customer demands?

In this episode, Mike Stevens, author,  and founder of Hutside, Peppersmith and Rightfounder,, joins Diane Burley to discuss what works for successful DTC retailers, and tips for retailers expanding into DTC.  

During the pandemic, the world shut down and manufacturers had to find online channels to keep their businesses going. This created a DTC space for retailers looking to expand their sales, or digital natives looking to launch a great product idea.

Stevens discusses ways that brands can remain relevant in a sea of DTC retailers, how big-box brands like Nike and Amazon benefit from DTC, and what consumers are looking for in a successful DTC brand. If you’re looking to go DTC in retail or marketplaces – tune in to find out how a personalized shopping experience online is your key differentiator.

Mike Stevens is the author of best selling The Direct to Consumer Playbook, a best selling collection of stories from successful DTC brands such as Huel, graze and Snag. Stevens shares the strategies and common mistakes when it comes to building a DTC brand. He began his entrepreneurial journey at innocent drinks, before co-founding the confectionary company Peppersmith. Mike is now the CEO and founder of Hutside, and a management consultant.

Topics we cover: 

5:02 How can businesses and retailers with a new product convey brand value to consumers with a DTC strategy? What do they need to know?

8:25 What is a common aspect brands tend to overlook when it comes to promoting their product to consumers?

10:58 What role does personalization play in the DTC strategy of large-scale enterprise businesses?

15:19 How do sporting brands, like Nike, use DTC?

 17:47 What consumer data are retailers missing out on when they look at data as a whole instead of one-to-one instances? Or if they stay on online marketplaces?

21:41 Why is it important for DTC retailers to have an abundance of  content available for consumers?

26:08 How are DTC companies able to focus on brand without sacrificing profitability?

28:31 What is shoppers’ attitude towards poor website performance?

30:04 Returns are killing retailers – are they as big a problem for DTC retailers?

32:21 What are the characteristics of a successful DTC strategy?

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Episode 13

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