Corporate Philanthropy in ecommerce: Increase customer loyalty by giving back

This year, shoppers are looking to do holiday business with retailers that align with their values.

Ahead of this year’s season, brand value alignment is on the rise and brand loyalty continues to rain. Coveo’s 2022 Holiday Shopping Report found Millennials (58%), Gen Xers (67%), Baby Boomers (75%), and Silent Generation (77%) all stayed loyal to brands they liked in the last year.

In this episode, Molly Trerotola, Head of Social Impact at ShoppingGives and CSR enthusiast, joins Diane Burley to discuss the growing surge of corporate philanthropy in ecommerce ahead of this year’s holiday season – and why customers value it so much.

Customers are looking to make a social impact this holiday season, and retailers are looking to facilitate relationships. Trerotola talks about ways retailers can utilize technology to seamlessly integrate corporate philanthropy on their site and remain government compliant. If you’re a retailer looking to get involved and get creative with corporate giving — this one’s for you. 

Molly Trerotola is Head of Social Impact at ShoppingGivess, an ecommerce platform that enables ecommerce and DTC brands to give back, through enabling retailers to donate a percentage of each purchase to a nonprofit of their choice – enabling a personal shopping experience. Molly has worked with organizations like Pfizer, Malala Fund, DoSomething, PayPal and her work has been featured in Forces, NBC and Chronicle of Philanthropy. 

Topics we cover: 

2:48  What is it about corporate philanthropy that resonates with retailers?

4:35 How can tech be used to establish corporate philanthropy within a SaaS company?

6:11 What is it about corporate philanthropy that attracts shoppers – why do they constantly seek it?

7:17 How do ecommerce retailers begin impactful philanthropy giving, and decide which type of action best fits them?

9:33 How does the dissemination of funds process actually take place within the retailer and the non-profit organization?

10:43 How can brands meet government compliance requirements and ensure that funds are received?

12:30 What does the timeline look like when setting up philanthropic giving and what are the effects from a cost perspective when starting (for every size of brand)?

14:55 How can retailers showcase philanthropic giving on their social media, and what are their effects?

15:35 Companies have resources and technologies they want to give, how can they facilitate that type of giving to non-profit organizations?

16:38 What are the results for a brand when they include these social impact motivators?

18:01 How can brands use UN Sustainable Goals as a starting point when selecting the non-profit that’s right for them, to give back to a certain initiative instead of a single non-profit?

19:20 Where are brands in their journey when they want to adopt philanthropic giving technology on their site?

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Episode 12

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