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Coveo for Intershop Quick Launch Integration

Existing Intershop customers can create AI-driven Ecommerce experiences for their site in 35 days with DSS Partners' Coveo Quick Launch Integration.

To launch a new B2B site, deploy both Intershop and Coveo in 8 weeks with DSS Partners' Coveo Integrated Accelerated Store.

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Get results fast with Coveo for Intershop Quick Launch Integration

Coveo is a very strategic part of [our re-platforming], not just an add-on or just any other vendor. It’s really central to how we’re powering product detail page recommendations, how we’re powering the sort and rank position, and how the filters and facets work.

Airdre Knox

GM Customer Systems


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Evolve your service, delight your customers

Coveo for Salesforce Experience Cloud

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Are you meeting your buyers expectations?

Evolve your service, delight your customers

Self-service only works if your customers can actually find what they’re looking for. Let our AI personalize content in real time, effortlessly leading them to exactly what they need.


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of B2B buyers prefer buying from a website than from a sales rep.

Forrester & B2BecNews

of B2B buyers expect experiences offered by B2C websites.

Roland Berger


B2B buyers frequently experience searches that return poor results.

Digital Commerce 360


Search is Strategic in B2B Ecommerce

Competing against digitally mature manufacturers with restricted resources can be intimidating. These giants are not only digital but using data and AI to deliver less friction to buying experiences.

With the Coveo Relevance Cloud PlatformTM you can tap into applied AI to deliver relevant search, recommendations and personalization experiences for each buyer while reducing maintenance and assisted sales costs.

Are you leveraging AI technology to provide the relevant search experiences buyers expect?

Can buyers find products using their own terminology, not yours?

Does each stage of the journey include automatic and tailored recommendations?

Are experiences personalized as quickly as possible to engage buyers?

Is support & expert content surfaced in the same search to unify the experience and help buyers buy?

Create seamless customer journeys with unified search across catalog data and support content

Reduce assisted-sales costs with each customer discovering the right products at the right price

Free up resource time with AI-powered navigation and recommendations

Increase Average Order Value with a search optimized for buying