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Coveo & ServiceNow State of the Union 2021

Coveo and ServiceNow are thrilled to be announcing our first annual Coveo for ServiceNow State of the Union. 

This State of the Union will unlock key insights for ServiceNow partners like you to understand how AI-powered search and recommendations can help your customers create impactful, relevant experiences that transform employee, agent, and self-service practices. 

Join Intuit, ServiceNow, and Coveo and you'll walk away with: 

Upcoming address

Introduction to Coveo

ServiceNow Partner Introduction

Executive Address

Customer Testimonial - Intuit

The Better Together Story - Coveo & ServiceNow


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TuAnh Do

Strategic Account Executive @ Coveo

  August 10, 2021   |  9:00 a.m. PST | 12:00 p.m. EST 

Adam Conway

Marie-Michele Caron

ISV Partner Executive @ ServiceNow

Senior Vice President, Global Channel & Alliances @ Coveo

Coveo Partner Enablement Program Overview

Meet the Speakers: 

Meet the Speakers: 

  • Exposure to the impact of Coveo's applied AI which generates impactful relevance with every query improving productivity across support teams 
  • Knowledge on how to ensure success for your customers through the modernization of the employee experience, directly influencing talent proficiency and improved knowledge base
  • Increased understanding of the unique connectivity between Coveo and ServiceNow leading to accelerated time to value

Only 17% of global information workers say it's simple to access the data they need. (Source: Forrester)

Coveo provides your clients with all of the content they need without having to leave the application, resulting in higher satisfaction and maximized adoption.

Dave Cosio

ISV Advisory Solution Architect @ ServiceNow

Timothy Scott

ServiceNow Alliance Director @ Coveo

ISV Advisory Solution Architect

Timothy Scott

Dave Cosio

ISV Advisory Solution Architect

ServiceNow Alliance Director

Colin Ryan

Product Manager of Intranet and Search @ Intuit