Co-exist or compete with Amazon? Strategies to differentiate your value proposition online.

Should you make your products available on Amazon? Is it possible to compete against retail giants?

Brian Kilcourse is back to tackle the 800-pound gorilla that lords over e-commerce. We address the top concerns of online retailers and ecommerce brands when it comes to co-existing and competing with retailer’s greatest threat, Amazon.

Kilcourse shares practical examples of differentiated brand strategies and non-replicable customer value propositions. He also explains how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be leveraged as a tool to clarify your brand’s “value-add” and avoid price wars.

“Community is really important, and it’s a value add that Amazon and Walmart are not trying to duplicate”-Brian Kilcourse.

Brian Kilcourse is the Managing Partner and Co-founder at Retail Systems Research (RSR), providing thought-leadership for retailers to address business and technology challenges. Kilcourse has been recognized as one of the Premier 100 IT Leaders by Computerworld magazine and by Information Week as leader of the #1 retail IT shop. His experience also includes advisory to several technology startups and frequent contributions to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ComputerWorld and CIO Magazine.

Topics we cover:

1:24: How can retailers use customer experience to compete with digital giants like Amazon?

5:47: What strategies can pure plays use to survive in today’s retail environment?

9:21: Why should we think of retail as an “entertainment business”?

10:49: How did changes in retail staffing levels change shopping from a pleasure to a chore?

16:34: How can expertise and community become value adds that help retailers compete?

18:42: Should retailers think of Amazon as a friend, enemy or “frenemy”?

19:46: Where do most shopping journeys begin?

21:44: What are the three key things retailers must do to compete with Amazon and other digital giants?

25:26: What can retailers learn from Amazon about using AI to provide personalized recommendations, even when customers deviate from typical patterns?

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