Digital personalization at scale. Fact or Fiction?

Digital personalization giants such as Amazon and Netflix have made delivering personalized customer experiences a non negotiable. Yet, too many organizations feel unprepared to meet shopper expectations or lack an effective digital personalization strategy. Perhaps you can relate?

In this episode, Ciro Greco shares practical guidance and digital personalization examples for big and mid-size companies to create personalized experiences at scale. Principally, he challenges the myth that you need Amazon-like volumes of behavioral data to deliver 1:1 digital personalization.

 “A machine should think like a human as much as possible—not the other way around.”- Ciro Greco

Ciro Greco is Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Coveo. He holds a PhD in Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience from Milano-Bicocca and worked as visiting scholar at MIT and as a post-doctoral fellow at Ghent University. In 2017, he founded, a San Francisco-based startup specializing in Knowledge Representation and applied Natural Language Processing. Tooso was acquired by Coveo in 2019.

Topics covered:

0:53: What is Greco’s background in digital personalization?

8:42: How should we define personalization?

10:50: What are the limits of personas in personalization?

13:40: How can smaller retailers personalize without “big data”?

15:57: Why is personalization difficult for so many retailers to attain?

18:53: How can retailers personalize for “cold-start” shoppers?

22:56: How can mapping what customers do on your website can improve 


24:33: What kind of data does personalization require?

27:22: How can you understand the intent of a cold-start shopper?

28:30: What’s ahead for permission-based personalization?

31:15: What can the number of similar items browsed tell us about intent?

36:24: What should retailers look for in a personalization system?

39:23: Where is Greco going next with his research?

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