Ecommerce for Gen Z: What retailers need to know

Generation Z is not “Millennials: The Sequel.” Instead, the members of this rising generation have their own preferences and values that drive their shopping behavior — and which brands must respond to. Dr. Corey Seemiller, a leading expert on Gen Z, joins host Diane Burley, chief storyteller at Coveo, to talk about key insights on Gen Z’ers and how they shop.
Corey Seemiller is a professor at Wright State University in Ohio, the author of four books on Generation Z and a consultant to corporations and marketing firms on Gen Z.

Topics we cover: 

1:09: What makes Generation Z different?

4:46: What do brands need to know about Gen Z?

7:14: Why are Gen Z shoppers so interested in tailored recommendations?

8:13: What implications does Generation Z’s digital savvy have for brands?

What drives brand loyalty for Gen Z shoppers?

Will we see generational shifts in merchandising, such as the end of men’s sections and women’s sections?

13:46: What do Gen Z’ers have in common with past generations, and how do they differ from them?

16:43: How can brands attract Gen Z shoppers?

18:31: Whom does Generation Z trust and mistrust when it comes to reviews and recommendations?

20:31: How can brands encourage word-of-mouth promotion by Gen Z?

23:36: How does Generation Z prefer to communicate?

26:22: Does Gen Z enjoy shopping?

27:35: What are marketers’ concerns about reaching Gen Z?

28:51: What are the early predictions about Generation Alpha?

30:21: What personality traits define Gen Z?

33:47: What is the single most important thing for marketers to know about Generation Z?

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Episode 6

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