Is Physical Retail Dead?

Is physical retail dead? Is it still worth investing in a physical store? Will online shopping replace traditional shopping?

In this episode, Cate Trotter explores some of the most pressing questions in the retail world in relation to online shopping vs retal shopping. Cate draws from her global retail experience to challenge the role of physical retail in a brand’s distribution and engagement strategy. She shares what retailers must do to keep up with consumers and provides examples of how successful brands optimize their omnichannel customer journeys.

"...if retailers looked at all the different methods of interaction they have at their disposal, they wouldn’t rely as much on [physical] stores as they do today.”- Cate Trotter.

Cate Trotter is the Head of Trends at Insider Trends and one of the world’s top 100 retail influencers. She works with brands such as Facebook, Nike, Chanel, Galeries Lafayette, Swarovski, and Samsung to create world-leading, profitable retail concepts.

Topics we cover:

0:43: How did Cate Trotter become an expert on retail trends?

4:45: How can we identify retail trends and decide which ones to act on?

7:42: What is the current state of the traditional store experience and where is it going?

12:12: What should retailers do with their in-store experience to impress consumers?

17:44: What is the No. 1 thing retailers need to do to stay relevant in today’s market?

17:30: How do the brands Glossier and Pietra create a bond between brand and customer?

22:20: How should larger, more established brands respond to the rise of digital?

24:48: Is ecommerce close to mimicking an offline experience?

29:40: How should we define personalization?

30:32: Where is the potential of personalization untapped?

33:28: How does Spotify demonstrate the power of personalization?

35:21: Are different segments of retail innovating and evolving faster than others?

37:24: How do consumers push brands to change?

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Cate Trotter, a top 100 retail influencer deep-dives into the future of retail and what it means for your ecommerce strategy. Learn the ecommerce trends that are shaping ecommerce in 2022, 2032 and beyond.

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