The future of retail: Trends and technology to upgrade your ecommerce strategy

Cate Trotter, one of the world’s top 100 retail influencers is back to share a sneak peek of what the future of retail holds and what it means for your ecommerce strategy. Think Digital Data Passports, drinking a virtual Red Bull and flying in virtual reality!

Cate believes that to maintain a competitive advantage in the future of ecommerce, retailers must take a ‘blank-slate approach’ to their customer journey strategy. Some of the questions every retailer should ask include: ‘What would I do if I was starting again? How would I connect with online shoppers? How would I bring my brand to life?’

This is the perfect episode to learn the ecommerce trends that are shaping ecommerce in 2022, 2032 and beyond.

“I would argue that the leading retailers of 2035 will be more like tech companies than retailers, and they don’t even exist yet.”- Cate Trotter.

Cate Trotter is the Head of Trends at Insider Trends and one of the world’s top 100 retail influencers. She works with brands such as Facebook, Nike, Chanel, Galeries Lafayette, Swarovski, and Samsung to create world-leading, profitable retail concepts.

Topics we cover: 

2:56: What megatrends will shape retail in the coming years?

5:05: What technologies are driving transformation in retail?

8:04: How will Meta affect retail and when will we start seeing impacts?

11:42: What retailers are making the right calls to be ready for the future?

12:52: What makes Nike stand out as a retail innovator?

18:07: How can retailers become more innovative?

20:45: Is the “experience economy” a valid concept, and where is it headed?

23:10: What are the different elements of customer experience?

24:58: What are the most important trends when it comes to data and data sharing of customers?

32:02: What industries outside of retail are doing a good job evolving for the future? What can retail learn from them?

35:42: How does the brand M.M. LaFleur create an experience that’s both high tech and high touch?

39:33: Where should retailers start if they want to become more innovative?

45:30: What should retailers’ top priority be as they prepare for the future?

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Episode 5

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