The next generation of retail ecommerce

Online or in-store? What’s better for the next-generation of retail ecommerce?

In this episode, Brian Kilcourse discusses the future of ecommerce and trends that will shape your ecommerce strategy. He urges ecommerce retailers to build an omnichannel strategy and unified ecommerce experience. Kilkourse also advises on retailers’ must-have technology to thrive in the future of online shopping.

“Consumers begin many of their shopping journeys in the digital space even when they fully expect to go to a store to fulfill it.”- Brian Kilcourse

Brian Kilcourse is the Managing Partner and Co-founder at Retail Systems Research (RSR), providing thought-leadership for retailers to address business and technology challenges. Kilcourse has been recognized as one of the Premier 100 IT Leaders by Computerworld magazine and by Information Week as leader of the #1 retail IT shop. His experience also includes advisory to several technology startups and frequent contributions to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ComputerWorld and CIO Magazine.

Topics we cover:

0:47: How did Brian Kilcourse become “the candid voice of retail”?

2:01: How does RSR serve both retailers and purveyors to retailers?

4:41: Why is it important for retail executives to familiarize themselves with technology?

6:44: What can we learn from Macy’s and Walmart’s success with omnichannel selling?

9:54: Is separating digital and brick-and-mortar operations a good idea?

11:32: Where are consumers starting their shopping journeys?

12:20: Where should retailers focus in their efforts to compete with digital giants?

15:03: What opportunities does technology create for customer acquisition in physical stores?

20:03: What do retailers need to know about apps and “headless” technology?

21:58: What will the role of social channels be in retail sales in the coming years?

24:00: What’s behind the current supply-chain issues?

27:13: How can retailers balance economies of scale with offering highly localized merchandise at the store level?

28:41: What is the BOOT methodology for the adoption of new technologies?

32:25: What are three most important things retailers must do to stay competitive?

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Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner at RSR, tackles the top concerns of ecommerce brands when it comes to co-existing and competing with retailers’ biggest threat, Amazon.

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