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For 18+ years, our customers have trusted us with their growth

Trusted by ecommerce leaders:

“We're able to provide more relevant on-site journeys to our customers through easily deployable, yet highly impactful personalization strategies and tactics.”

Gareth Rees-John

Chief Digital Officer, Kurt Geiger

“Finding the right partner, which was Coveo to come in and help us deliver those relevancy models was so important to us. It's not just about the search bar - it's about the entire experience that our end customers are having."

Artie Sharpe

Senior Director, Innovation, Hearts on Fire

“Coveo is a very strategic part of [our re-platforming], not just an add-on or just any other vendor. It's realy central to how we're powering product detail page recommendations, how we're powering the sort and rank position, and how the filters and facets work.”

Dan Cornwell

Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience, Caleres

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Let Us Prove It

Let us prove to you the impact Coveo will have on your business with the AI-Experience Pilot

What is the Coveo AI-Experience Pilot?

Coveo’s AI-Experience Pilot is the fastest way to understand and prove the potential that our advanced AI Search and Product Discovery solution will have on your site once deployed. No “ demo magic” and no heavy lifting from your team- simply proof of the impact Coveo can have on your business.

Coveo AI for Commerce Search

Deliver conversational, intuitive, and personalized interactions at scale with AI Search, Recommendations, 1:1 personalization, and Generative Experiences.

After a decade of enriching our platform with the cumulative expertise of 700+ leading brands, Coveo's Enterprise AI empowers you to revolutionize shopper experiences.

Why Coveo for enterprise ecommerce?

Built for global scale

Manage multiple brands

Manage multiple currencies

50+ markets within a single environment with local and global rules.

50+ languages

Multi-region deployments

Built for complex catalogs and customer journeys

Manage over 50B SKUs and catalog combinations.

Real-time store inventory levels

Connect over 100 content types with source connectors

Enable unified experiences by indexing virtually any data source, structured or unstructured.

Reliable and secure

You own your data and what is sent to Coveo. You control what content is indexed and which interactions will be tracked.

GDPR/CCPA compliant

ISO 27001- certified.

Coveo systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime SLA for enterprise plans

HIPAA-compliant hosting environment.