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What impact will Generative AI have on Ecommerce Search?

AI is about to change ecommerce search experiences as we know them … Think proactive information synthesis and conversational interfaces every time you shop online.

What a “culture of curiosity” is
Why it’s now becoming an essential part of every successful organization

The 4 key steps every knowledge management needs to be successful

How to avoid knowledge management killers
Lengthy migrations, useless content, and nonsensical taxonomies

In just 12 insight-packed pages, you’ll learn:

If you want to avoid disappointing your customers and agents… Spend 5 minutes reading this report and you’ll have everything you need to get started today .

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Gartner Report

Outstanding technology, amazing results

increase in employee satisfaction after implementation 

Increased ESAT

Reduced Support Costs

Productivity Savings


presentations delivered by our PhDs at leading events

hours of productivity saved by prioritizing knowledge & search  




peer-reviewed papers published in top journals

ongoing collaborations with leading research organizations

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Read the Gartner® report to discover:

How Generative AI is influencing the expectations and capabilities for ecommerce search (think reactive to proactive delivery) and why this should guide your company’s strategy.

How AI models can be used in conjunction with search technologies to power semantic, conversational search that further personalizes your customer experience.

How search can augment AI, rather than the reverse, and how you can use this to provide more relevant search experiences that boost customer enagement.

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Learn how GenAI will transform your search experiences

Gartner quick answer: What impact will Generative Ai have on Search? Stephen Emott, Hao Yin, 14 June 2023
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