3 reasons to make 
AI Search your enterprise standard

Ready to make AI Search your enterprise wide standard?

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84% of tech professionals see search as critical to transformation but struggle to engage management about it. 

Transform findability and discoverability for customers and employees with the Coveo Relevance Cloud™. See why you should make our API-first, cloud-native, AI platform your de facto enterprise-wide standard to improve top and bottom-line results.

3 reasons to make AI search 
and recommendations 
your enterprise wide standard:

Ready to make Coveo your enterprise-wide standard?

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This partnership has enabled us to build the industry-leading search experience in Heavy Duty.
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Next generation search, recommendations and personalization

Boost your revenue per visit by 15%. AI-powered commerce for B2C and B2B

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ChatGPT shows that AI is no longer a buzzword. According to a recent MIT survey of 600 CIOs and other technology leaders discovered that 94% have applied AI within core enterprise functions and use cases.   

While the applications for AI vary are broad and plentiful for some companies, others need guidance figuring out the right solution for their business.

Leverage out-of-the-box AI and LLMs, like ChatGPT, built for the enterprise

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Today’s trends, largely driven by the pandemic, remote work, and impending recession, point to a mixed bag of competing objectives for CIOs and their teams - the need to: optimize, consolidate, and innovate.

Balance Competing 

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Meet the Dual CIO Mandate

Driven by macroeconomic and competitive forces largely outside of their control, the role of CIOs and tech teams continues to evolve. This leads to a difficult balancing act between two seemingly contradictory corporate mandates: cut costs and support growth.

Our out-of-the-box integrations

When you upgrade to personalized AI-powered search, you want to work across all your platforms and content types. Coveo search layers over your existing systems making your tech stack a whole lot smarter.

Cut Costs:
Reduce ongoing operational costs and focus on the fundamentals 

Support Growth:
Support top-line growth initiatives and bring in new, innovative 

Get more out of 
what you have, ensure the fundamentals are in place and that existing systems are being maximized 


Let Coveo Help You Deliver on Key Business Outcomes

increase in employee satisfaction after implementation 

Increased ESAT

Reduced Support Costs

Productivity Savings


Use of Coveo ML 
recommendations to suggest content 

hours of productivity saved by prioritizing knowledge & search  



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Recognized Industry leader

#1 rating amongst Enterprise Search Vendors in 2022 

Leader in Gartner Insight Engines - 7x times 

The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search - 5x times

duplicate systems. 
Choose best-of-breed 
solutions. Centralize 
and standardize key 
applications and 


Use AI and next 
technologies to transform digital experiences 




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