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Intelligent search

Serve relevant content and answers quickly with automatic query completion and intelligently ranked results. Deepen your understanding of the people you serve with data and insights from every search.

Enterprise-grade security

Security by design means governance inspired by ISO 27001, maturity models based on CoBIT, security processes defined by the ISM3, and measures taken from the NIST special publications.


Accurately predict what each person will want and automatically display the most relevant content for them. Connect search insights to interaction data from any touchpoint for a truly seamless experience.

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Deliver content, interfaces, and journeys tailored to individuals, not segments. With a search and content personalization platform, AI tailors content instantly, letting clicks and queries shape the experience, not thousands of rules.

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Cloud Infrastructure

With Coveo, you can deliver intuitive experiences that respond to context and behavior without overhauling your current technology infrastructure and team. See how you can provide intuitive search and discovery with easy-to-integrate AI.


Supercharge your current tech stack, without needing to overhaul it. Or, training your team on yet another entirely new platform. Coveo layers onto your existing software seamlessly. Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Zendesk, you name it. Coveo fits right in!

Grow your enterprise profitably with AI-personalized digital experiences

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Let Coveo Help You Deliver on Key Business Outcomes

increase in employee satisfaction after implementation 

Increased ESAT

Reduced Support Costs

Productivity Savings


Use of Coveo ML 
recommendations to suggest content 

hours of productivity saved by prioritizing knowledge & search  




increase in employee satisfaction 
after implementation 

Increased ESAT

Reduced Support Costs

Productivity Savings

hours of productivity saved by prioritizing knowledge & search  

Coveo’s 17+ years of AI-powered search helps industry leaders stay leaders and grow