AI-Powered Search to Replace Adobe Search & Promote

Migrate your current Search & Promote solution to Coveo and benefit from AI-driven search experiences without the need to create and manage a lot of rules.

Join a growing list of AEM customers that are using Coveo to power Search, Recommendation & Personalization experiences.

All the features of Adobe Search & Promote plus packaged Machine Learning models ready to deploy

Learn how your current Adobe Search & Promote functionality will evolve with Coveo:

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AI-Powered Search

that learns from every interaction to power the experience based on a visitor’s context and intent data and then deliver relevance-based results.

Intelligent Query Suggestion

to help every website visitor formulate and refine their searches: typo-tolerance for spelling errors, auto-complete, auto-suggest, predictive search, and intent detection.


that fit your scenarios with a variety of content and product models – including event-focused, user-based recommendations, frequently viewed together, popular items, and more.

Surface content from any source even outside your Adobe sources with pre-built & maintained connectors and PUSH API technology connecting content across siloed systems and channels of engagement such as branded websites, community sites, Intranets and Knowledge Management Systems.

Get results fast with Coveo

Tap into a group of SI partners ready to facilitate your migration path with pre-built connectors and expertise.

Leverage a UI framework that provides a set of components (search box, result list, facets, tabs, etc.) which can be assembled to create a feature-rich, client-side search interface in any web page, application, or standalone site.

Get relevant search & recommendations up and running fast with configurable Machine Learning models that don’t require heavy tuning of rules from your digital team.

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