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Coveo Intelligent Search

Imagine if every search yielded the right answer, even across multiple content and information types. Coveo's AI-powered search engine is designed to automatically detect intent so that user queries yield relevant results.

Unify content, wherever it lives

Enriched intent detection
Users might not always know the best words to search, but with Coveo, they don’t need to. Our intelligent search platform understands intent in language and behavior.

Automatic re-ranking
While basic site search matches keywords to text in an index, AI-powered search considers multiple dimensions.. Result rankings depend on previous actions and context, not just the typed query.

Question answering
Type a question and get the answer. Our cognitive search engine extracts the answers people need to help them be on their way sooner.

Dynamic content filtering
Let facets automatically adjust to each query, classifying, reordering, and removing irrelevant filters while allowing users to further narrow their results.

Better accuracy and relevance

See it in action

One index, multiple sources
As your business grows, so does your content. Improve its discoverability by centralizing access to content from your websites, knowledge bases, and catalogs through one intelligent search index.

Cross-platform compatibility
Enhance your search everywhere – from your customer-facing channels to internal enterprise search.

Every type of content
No matter the file type or format – structured or unstructured – Coveo intelligent search indexes your content making it a breeze to locate.

Machine learning
From query suggestions to result rankings, there’s a machine learning algorithm for that. Train a model. Set it. And watch relevance and information retrieval constantly improve.

Text preprocessing
Save time and effort by automating the removal of stop words and the generation of synonyms. With natural language search, people can search as people do and still get accurate results quickly.

Search testing
Want to see which configuration works best? Set one variant up against another to verify which level of tuning provides the best experience and results for your business.

Rules when you need them
Build time-bound campaigns or program ranking rules without the help of developers. Give product managers and merchandisers the ability to easily alter and optimize featured results and ranking expressions.

Optimize automatically or on command

From query to results instantly
With your content unified in a single search index, you don’t have to depend on multiple systems and search engines to locate the best results. On one single track, your search picks up speed.

Easy configuration
Secure and multi-tenant, our platform is highly configurable, giving you the performance and scale you need without costly and time-consuming customization.

Smart access management
Manage permissions through the index based on access levels, not the content source. Use your channels however you want, not just for one type of user.

Get ultra-relevant results, faster

When you upgrade to personalized AI-powered search, you want it to work across all your platforms and content types. Coveo search layers over your existing systems, making your tech stack a whole lot smarter.

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