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55% of customers find it too difficult to find answers on self-service portals. It's time to get out of their way!

Get a free assessment of content findability and relevance on your site by our search experts, and get better visibility into how hard you are making it for them to find knowledge. It's time to start driving more self-service success! 

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Our search and support gurus review your support site or community in detail

They produce an assessment of your current search, personalization and recommendations capabilities

You receive a copy of the report once the assessment is complete. You can then meet with our search experts for a walk through of their findings and recommendations to improve your self-service experience.

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“We wanted to remove the need for our customers to try to understand where content lives and surface it where they need it instead. Coveo helped us create one centralized hub for all our content where customers can self-serve, driving a 300% increase in case deflection in the first 3 months."

Matt Krebsbach

Senior Manager, Boomiverse

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