The hidden way a search box turns enterprises into “conversion predictors”

There’s a way to use the search box on your website that tons of enterprises overlook. Once you know it, you’ll be able to anticipate – and optimize – your conversions. You’ll also understand why search is the key to growing your enterprise profitably. 

It’s this: 

43% of site visitors go immediately to the search box, and searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert.” -Forrester 

In “The Ultimate Guide to Site Search User Experience”, you’ll uncover the 8 key ways leading enterprises get prospects to use the search box, increasing their likelihood of conversion.

By examining real-life examples, this guide explores

Why search is part of an advanced conversion strategy

How to leverage search queries to develop a more data-driven approach to content

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The Benefits of AI-Powered Search

Learn how companies have harnessed Coveo’s AI-powered site search to deliver the relevant, personalized experiences your visitors now expect, and the results your business requires.

Proven methods for guiding users through dynamic, content-rich experiences

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Search Experience Best Practices

Simple tweaks in search design and functionality to boost conversions and average order value

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