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Social proof strategies drive 11x ROI for Kurt Geiger 

Using the concept of 'wisdom of the crowd', you can both create urgency and reassure customers about their purchase. Learn how Europe’s leading luxury footwear brand deploys best-in-class personalization tactics across on-site journey.

Show, don't tell...

Build confidence and deliver ROI
Social proof tactics deliver real results, with an average uplift of 3% in conversion rate.

Apply behavioral heuristics
Social proof's power is linked to the psychology of decision-making, the heuristics (mental shortcuts) we all use. Such as the bandwagon effect and confirmation bias where other people’s choices act as validation.

Create urgency around purchases
Badges and counters also come into play by highlighting how fast an item is selling, how many are remaining or simply by distinguishing it visually.

Using Social Proof in Ecommerce

About Kurt Geiger's story:

Kurt Geiger is a leading London-based footwear and accessories retailer powered by creativity and kindness. 

Learn how they expanded their global customer base through best practice social proofing and urgency tactics delivered across their on-site journey. Ultimately, they achieved 11x ROI from social proof experiences alone.

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Let your customers do the selling

Hot products trends
Surface trending products by hour, day, week or right now and refine by location to help with product discovery.

Messages targeted to segments
Deliver targeted messaging to different customer segments—highlighting popularity for one group, and scarcity for another.

Combined experiences
Include social proof in abandonment recovery emails, use it to sort product recommendations by popularity, or display social proof according to customers’ expressed preference.