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Successful ecommerce leaders embody both business and technological know-how to create new business value.

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Uplevel your ecommerce strategy

Cate Trotter, a top 100 retail influencer deep-dives into the future of retail and what it means for your ecommerce strategy. Learn the ecommerce trends that are shaping ecommerce in 2022, 2032 and beyond.

Episode 5

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Can I compete against Amazon? How do I streamline digital merchandising? Which trends will shape online retail in the next 5 years?

From Coveo, it's The Ecommerce Edge podcast. Your new go-to for ecommerce trends, insights and tools to scale efficiently and thrive amongst retail giants.

Drive ecommerce growth with proven approaches to gaining advocates in a saturated retail space.

Tune in to hear from market analysts, retail influencers, sociologists and practitioners, on everything from ecommerce machine learning to online shopper psychology and brand differentiation strategies.

Episode 4

Cate Trotter, a top 100 retail influencer explores online shopping vs physical retail. She shares what retailers must do to keep up with consumers and provides examples of how successful brands optimize their omnichannel customer journeys.


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Episode 3

Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner at RSR, tackles the top concerns of ecommerce brands when it comes to co-existing and competing with retailers’ biggest threat, Amazon.


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Episode 2

Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner at RSR, discusses the future of ecommerce and trends that will shape your ecommerce strategy. Hint: An omnichannel ecommerce strategy is a non-negotiable.


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Drive ecommerce growth with thought-provoking conversations on topics from ecommerce machine learning to online shopper psychology and brand differentiation strategies.

Episode 1

Ciro Greco, VP of AI at Coveo shares practical approaches for big and mid-size companies to personalize customer experiences online with limited behavioral data.


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Corey Seemiller, leading expert in Generation Z, dives into the preferences and values driving the shopping behavior of what will soon become the largest consumer segment. .

Episode 6

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Andrea Leigh, a top 100 Retail Influencer with over 20 years of ecommerce experience presents a framework to build sustainable and profitable ecommerce growth in 5 steps.

Episode 7

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Mark Patchett, founder of Growth Shop, shares the top ecommerce expectations and growth misconceptions to help you scale. .

Episode 8



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In this episode,  Nick White, ‘Digital & DTC Transformation Advisor’ at Samsung shares his views on everything from evolving customer expectations and common mistakes in DTC, to building successful ecommerce teams and tech essentials for companies in this space.

Episode 9



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Andrew Maff, Digital Marketer, Influencer, CEO and Founder of BlueTuskr discusses all things customer acquisition and retention when it comes to growing your ecommerce business.

Episode 10



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Navjit Bhasin, Founder and CEO of Newmine, discusses returns in today’s ecommerce climate. Learn how to, not only reduce returns, but actually prevent them using the right data and AI.

Episode 11



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Molly Trerotola, Head of Social Impact at ShoppingGives, discusses dipping your toes in corporate philanthropy for retailers of all sizes. Learn why shoppers in today’s climate are searching for social impact in their journey and how your business can easily get involved.

Episode 12



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Mike Stevens, CEO, entrepreneur and best selling author of The Direct-to-Consumer Playbook, discusses the growth of DTC in today’s post-pandemic world. DTC is here to stay, and Stevens shares tips on what successful DTC brands, like Nike and Amazon have in common and key steps to a successful DTC strategy.

Episode 13